Artist: Rhythm Staircase feat. Karla Brown

Title: Excuse Me (Remix)

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Catalog #: KSS1821

Label: King Street Sounds


The Hype:

The iconic single “Excuse Me” from Rhythm Staircase feat. Karla Brown gets two fresh new remixes for 2020 dance floors! No stranger to King Street, Greek superstar DJ/producer Christos Fourkis kicks things off with his deep Afro house infused vocal remix of the original. Following suit, Fourkis drops his deeper and darker ‘Afro Dub Mix’ of “Excuse Me” sure to move dance floors from night till morning. Available at Traxsource, Beatport and iTunes

Artist: Mateo & Matos

Title: Deep Afro Roots (Remix)

Release Date: December 27, 2019

Catalog #: KNG823

Label: Nite Grooves




The Hype:

Nite Grooves revisits the iconic Mateo & Matos single “Deep Afro Roots” with two standout remixes from outstanding Greek DJ/producer Christos Fourkis! Kicking things off, Fourkis deliverse his “La Isla Mix” of “Deep Afro Roots,” a funkified Afro house driven banger packed with the smooth and sexy elements of soul and groove! Following suit we’ve included Christos’s “Beats La Isla” mix slam packed with banging drums and swinging percussion.

Artist: H@K

Title: Umtshingo (Remixes)

Release Date: May 11, 2018

Catalog #: KNG 755

Label: Nite Grooves


Available at Beatport & Traxsource


The Hype:

Athenian DJ/production duo H@K’s popular Nite Grooves release “Umtshingo” gets two fresh mixes from Greek compatriot and Afro house hero Christos Fourkis. Delivering both vocal and instrumental remixes, Fourkis delves into intricate djembe and conga rhythms to give these mixes a driving and classic tribal feel!

Artist: BiG AL & Christos Fourkis
Title: A Dream In Bali
Release Date: June 26, 2017
Catalog #: KNG 707
Label: Nite Grooves
Available at Traxsource
The Hype:
Montreal based DJ/producer BiG AL joins musical forces with Christos Fourkis and Sha’Aban Yahya for their standout single on Nite Grooves titled “A Dream In Bali.” Kicking things off is the original mix of “A Dream In Bali,” a gorgeous late night anthem perfectly punctuated with world percussion and an infectious groove! Next up Cee ElAssaad completes the release with his deep and moody remix of the original.

Artist: Christos Fourkis, DJ Thes-Man
Title: Dope EP
Release Date: March 6, 2017
Catalog #: SK 433
Label: Street King
Available at Traxsource
The Hype:
Greek DJ/producer Christos Fourkis is back on Street King with his next late night inspired release titled the “Dope EP.” Kicking things off, Fourkis joins musical forces with DJ Thes-Man and vocalist Anthony Poteat for the heavy hitting soulful house driven original mix “Let The Music.” Next up is the self-titled original mix “Dope,” a bass and synth driven late night tech anthem perfect for peak time performance. The phrase “You Only Live Once” is a motto to live by for many club goers, and Christos’ final track “Yolo” delivers that vibe on every play!