Louie Vega (Masters At Work | Nuyorican Soul | Elements Of Life | NY)
Anané Vega (Nulu | Nulu Electronic | Nulu Movement | NY)
Josh Milan (Honeycomb Music | NY)

Christian Mantini (Nulu | Nulu Electronic | Nulu Movement | Italy)
Captain Vinyl (DJ Nori & MURO)

Kengo (Block Party | NO HOUSE?)
Hidekazu Tanaka (CIRCLE | SQUAD | StoiQ)

OPEN 22:00
BEFORE 11PM ¥ 1000 UNDER 23 ¥ 1000GH S MEMBERS ¥2800  W/F ¥ 3300 DISCOUNT ¥3300  DOOR ¥ 3800

ミュージック、カルチャー、そしてアートを愛する情熱を持つ人たちが世代を超えてつながりあう! マンハッタンのナイトライフの新しい楽しみ方を提案するパーティ、Expansions NYCがContactで開催!
Expansions NYCを手掛けるのは、グラミー賞を獲得したNYハウス界のレジェンドLouie Vega。今まさに望まれている“あの”時代の熱狂をここ東京で巻き起こす。2019年の2月に始動して以来、Expansions NYCは、一体感のある雰囲気のなか紡がれるLouie Vegaのサウンドで水曜日の夜を演出。ニューヨークが誇る最高のダンサーとミュージックラバーをはじめ、国際色豊かなオーディエンスに極上の音楽体験を提供している。Louie Vegaが新鮮な刺激を感じながら地元ニューヨークで立ち上げたこのパーティには、彼自身の交友関係から評価の熱い才能豊かなDJたちが出演。午前3時に繰り広げられるジャムセッションでは、ミュージシャン、詩人、シンガーなど著名なアーティストが飛び入りで参加し、これぞ“ニューヨーク”な体験を提供している。さらに、パーティに触発されてLouie Vegaが制作したアルバムが2020年4月にリリース予定だ。
Contactでの開催となる今回、近年も引き続き世界中のクラブでポジティブな思いとダンスのエネルギーを届け続けている“マエストロ”ことLouie Vegaを筆頭に、個性際立つ仲間たちが怒涛のパフォーマンスで一夜を席巻する。ニューヨークのLe Bainでレジデントとして活躍するAnane Vegaは、セルフレーベル〈Nulu〉でおなじみのアフロテック×エレクトロニックなサウンドを披露。〈Honeycomb Music〉を運営するJosh Milanは、Expansions NYCをはじめとするさまざまなイベントを沸かしてきたDJセットを奏でる。そして、〈Nulu〉のマネージメントを担当するChristian Mantiniは、15年を超えるDJ歴に裏付けられた最新のヨーロッパサウンドを打ち出す予定だ。「A place where we can all be free(誰もが自由になれる場所)」とJanine Sugah Lyonsが最高の音楽表現を綴ったように、この夜では、意識を開放して自分本来のソウルを感じてほしい。Louie Vegaと愛すべき仲間たちとお届けするExpansions NYCのアツい一夜。準備はOK?

A New Night in New York City – Curated by Louie Vega –
Announcing the launch of a unique nightlife experience in Manhattan – Expansions NYC. Bringing together a cross section of generations all of whom share an appreciation and passion for music, culture and art. Curated by Grammy award winner Louie Vega, Expansions NYC brings New York City a much needed dose of authentic nightlife fever. Expansions NYC commenced on February 26, 2019 and has been going on since into 2020. Expansions NYC welcomes the best in nyc dancers and music lovers, and all of our global visitors to hear and feel the sounds of Louie Vega in a more intimate setting in New York City on a Wednesday night. “A place where we can all be free” as said in the words of Janine Sugah Lyons, a musical expression at its best, open up your mind and reach into your heart at “EXPANSIONS NYC”.
As 2019 gets underway Louie Vega – known to his fans as “The Maestro” – continues to bring his positivity and dancefloor energy to venues worldwide. He is feeling a renewed sense of excitement in launching a brand new party in his hometown of NYC. There is always some special appearances by his very talented and esteemed circle of close DJ, Producer and Recording Artist friends. At 3am there are always surprise jam sessions, with a who’s who of musicians, poets, and singers. Expansions NYC is the true NY experience. It has inspired an entire album produced by Louie Vega which will be released in April 2020. At Contact he brings together some of the family friends who are talented in their own right and have been taking the world by storm with their dj sets, performances and imprints.
Anane Vega has her own residency in New York City at Le Bain for a few years now called Nulu Movement, and brings forth her sounds of Afro tech and electronic music monikered by her label Nulu. Josh Milan performs his dj sets at various events including Expansions NYC and has his imprint Honeycomb Music. Christian Mantini label manager of Nulu has been djing well over 15 years and brings forth the European sounds of today. Get ready for a night of HOT MUSIC at Expansions NYC curated by Louie Vega along with his friends.

Artist: guri guri boys feat. Josh Milan

Title: Be Yourself (Remixes)

Release Date: January 3, 2020

Catalog #: KSS1800

Label: King Street Sounds




The Hype:

Japanese house music heroes guri guri boys & legendary house vocalist Josh Milan’s standout single on King Street “Be Yourself” gets five brand new remixes sure to move dance floors internationally! Kicking things off, Boston based DJ/producer Kelvin Sylvester brings his signature soulful heat with both his vocal and extended instrumental mixes of the original. New Jersey based DJ/producer Conway Kasey doesn’t disappoint next with his smooth and sexy remix of “Be Yourself.” Finally, Chicago based Elbert Phillips concludes the release with both his ‘Main Vocal’ and ‘MWL Radiant Reprise’ mixes of the remix perfect for peak time performance on dance floors worldwide!

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Street King Autumn EP

Release Date: October 25, 2019

Catalog #: SK533

Label: Street King




The Hype:

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and Street King is delivering four brand new, un-released tracks that will light up the club like no other! King things off, we drop an unreleased dub mix from French Afro house star Manoo of the popular guri guri boys feat. Josh Milan single “Be Yourself.” Greek DJ/producer happyharry teams up with Kataxis & Koukou next as they deliver their peak time club favorite single “Follow Me.” Italian DJ/production duo Sonic Dust joins musical forces with Ratsouk for their deep and emotive late night vocal jam “Don’t Come Closer.” Finally, Seattle based DJ/producer and Late Night Munchies label owner Tony H closes out the release with his deep and driving tech house bomb “No Signal.”

Artist: guri guri boys feat. Josh Milan Title: Be Yourself (Remixes) Release Date: November 23, 2018 Catalog #: KSS 1749 Label: King Street Sounds


The Hype:

Guri guri boys feat. Josh Milan’s standout single “Be Yourself” on King Street Sounds gets six brand new remixes sure to put feet on dance floors internationally! King Street staple Michele Chiavarini slides in first and delivers big with his both his “Exotic” and “Piano Dub” mixes of the original as well as a ‘Beats’ & ‘accapella’ mixes. Japan based DJ/producers Namy & Fuminori Kagajo combines musical forces for their fresh and soulful remix of “Be Yourself.” Finally Boston based musician and DJ Monologo completes the release with his “Monolog Dub” of the original.

Artist: guri guri boys feat. Josh Milan Title: Be Yourself Release Date: July 27, 2018 Catalog #: KSS 1736 Label: King Street Sounds


The Hype:

Japan based purveyors of soulful house guri guri boys combine musically with legendary vocalist and member of Blaze Josh Milan for the standout Afro house vocal single “Be Yourself.” Kicking things off, French Afro legend Manoo delivers both his vocal and instrumental remixes sure to move dance floors worldwide. Following suit, legendary NYC staple DJ Gomi doesn’t disappoint with both his organ and bass infused soulful vocal and instrumental remixes of “Be Yourself.” The uplifting and vocally powerful original mix of “Be Yourself” concludes the release.

Artist: Namy feat. Josh Milan
Title: From Now On 2015
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Catalog #: KSS 1556
Label: King Street Sounds

Available at Traxsource

The Hype:

Namy‘s instant dance floor vocal classic “From Now On 2015” with vocalist Josh Milan gets five new remixes to kick of summer! DJ Fudge opens the release with his powerful piano house driven “Classic Gecko Mix.” Following up, Fudge turns up the heat with his deeper & heavier “DropMix.” Eric Ericksson keeps the vibes high and dance floor shaking with both his regular and dub remixes! Finally Tokyo based DJ/Producer 0.0 aka Yuichiro Kotani completes the release his epic and extremely musical remix of the original!