Mateo & Matos – Deep Afro Roots (Remix)


Artist: Mateo & Matos

Title: Deep Afro Roots (Remix)

Release Date: December 27, 2019

Catalog #: KNG823

Label: Nite Grooves




The Hype:

Nite Grooves revisits the iconic Mateo & Matos single “Deep Afro Roots” with two standout remixes from outstanding Greek DJ/producer Christos Fourkis! Kicking things off, Fourkis deliverse his “La Isla Mix” of “Deep Afro Roots,” a funkified Afro house driven banger packed with the smooth and sexy elements of soul and groove! Following suit we’ve included Christos’s “Beats La Isla” mix slam packed with banging drums and swinging percussion.

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