Bliss feat. Juju – Begin (Remixes)


Artist: Bliss Feat. Juju

Title: Begin (Remixes)

Release Date: August 10, 2018

Catalog #: KNG 764

Label: Nite Grooves




The Hype:

Japanese based DJ/producer Tomohito Tobe aka Bliss feat. internationally acclaimed best selling artist Juju’s 2007 standout single “Begin” gets remixed for 2018! Kicking things off, Fuminori Kagajo takes over the remix reins and delivers both gorgeous soulful house vocal & instrumental remixes of the original. Tomo Inoue slides in next with an energetic peak time remix of “Begin.” Finally the “Original Mix” and “Bliss Dub” (which was a staple in David Mancuso’s sets at his infamous Loft in NYC) conclude the EP from the original release of “Begin!”

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