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Welcome to The Paradise, a safe and inviting space where you can experience and appreciate the music we love. Putting aside all trends, names, and genres, we’re bringing together a unique blend of diversity and authenticity to take you, the listener, deep into your emotions and memories.
The Paradise music is carefully selected and curated by NYC legacy record label King Street Sounds along with exclusive continuous mixes from legendary DJ/producers and funneled directly from the Big Apple to your living room, vehicle, work-out class, intimate moments, and world. Come explore this fantastic musical world with us and welcome to ‘The Paradise.’

King Street Soundsが新YouTubeチャンネル”The Paradise”を開設!
新チャンネルではレジェンドDJ達によるエクスクルーシブなDJ mixからジャズ、ラブソングやアップリフティングな曲まで、流行やジャンルに捉われない幅広い音楽を配信!

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